What it means to Live Alive.

Living alive is about being fully present in this moment, right now.  It’s about saying yes to opportunity that is before you, despite whispering fear and engrained reservation.  It’s about being real and honest and vulnerable with those you’re running this race alongside. Living alive is waking up and knowing that this life you’ve been given is so full of purpose. It’s letting go of inhibitions and allowing ourselves to really feel the highs and the lows.  It’s embracing pain and believing that growth will come from it.  Living alive looks like love, adventure, joy, progress.

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What we’re doing.

Live Alive is a community of hope and inspiration that helps people overcome fear and live out their dreams.

We believe everyone has dreams living inside of them – dreams that can change the course of history and build a better world. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of fear that says, “Your dreams are unattainable.” It’s so easy to be paralyzed by failures from our past. But we believe that to discover our purpose and live out our dreams, we have to be interrupted by community and inspired to press on.

Our dream at Live Alive is to help people discover their dreams and to live them out in a way that creates a better campus, city, and world.

We want to impact lives and to tell stories that open eyes to the freedom found in that truth.

Live Alive is a community of people in Orlando who are passionate about helping each other accomplish our seemingly impossible dreams. Every week we meet near UCF to inspire and support each other to overcome obstacles and take the next step towards our dreams.

Join the movement!