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About Chris Didonna

Growing up, my heart became damaged. After moving away to college, I met a friend who I could trust. He told me who I really was, even though I struggled to believe it. Through the love of this friend & others in Orlando, I set out on a journey of healing that has forever changed my life. You can connect with me on Twitter and Insta: @cldidonna.

You Weren’t Meant To Live A Comfortable Life

As I travel through 2016, I feel like I’m constantly stepping into the unknown. Sometimes fear takes over and I find myself shutting down for a day or two. Last week was like that for me.
I’m doing things that make my heart come alive, but the hard work that […]

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Heartache Is An Invitation To Hope

A few summers ago I moved into a condo in Downtown Miami with two of my best friends. It was a dream come true. Three friends working in the same internship, enjoying Miami all summer long. What could go wrong? Well…about that.

I could go on for pages describing everything […]

By |March 1st, 2016|Stories From Inside|1 Comment

You Vote With Your Food

Each one of us can alter the course of our local communities with every decision we make. It’s exhilarating to discover that!

I’ve been on a journey towards becoming more of the person I was created to be and I’ve found that a big part of that journey involves food. […]

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Choosing Contentment

My morning routine has been pretty unhealthy over the past few weeks.  My dream morning includes walking around the neighborhood, conversations with God, and reading.  My recent mornings look more like social media scrolling and bank app checking.

I’ll admit it.  With a lot of the ridiculous junk that has gone down in my […]

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Healing Begins With Risk

I went on an adventure last year that changed my life forever. You might have seen the short movie that my friends and I made about this journey.  It’s called Live Alive: The Film and you can watch it here or down below.

We released this film, not so that we could brag about our “amazing” […]

By |May 19th, 2015|Documentary, San Diego|1 Comment

Relational Stinginess

This last year of my life has been one giant wakeup call! I’m finally beginning to value people over my dreams, schedule, and bank account.

If I’m honest, I’ve been really stingy with my relationships up to this point in life.  It shows in the little things.  From my excuses […]

By |February 24th, 2015|Perspective|1 Comment

First Event of the Year

Here at Live Alive we love creating conversations that matter!  Conversations that inspire you to live out your dream.

Our theme for the next few months is Becoming a Difference Maker.  We’ll be exploring what it takes to live out our dreams in a way that impacts the world for good.

This week on […]

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4 Tools to Help You Thrive

As I continue to journey through my 25th year, I find myself thankful for the limitless resources I have at my fingertips. One of the beautiful realities of 2014, is the boundless opportunity to grow as a leader.

As leaders, our lives are like a well. Our wells are either […]

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Is it Possible to Be Too Passionate?

I was 11 and I was sitting a few rows up, in right field for a Florida Marlins game.  I think they were playing the Mets on that sticky Miami night.

A row in front of me was an older hispanic man wearing a Marlins hat.  I don’t remember what […]

By |November 17th, 2014|Uncategorized|4 Comments

Learning How To Thrive In the Midst of Suffering

This time last year I was almost fully recovered from a nasty ankle injury. I was just beginning to exercise and play sports again when another injury devastated my plan for an active life.

Late last year, I began to feel a sharp pain in the ball of my right […]

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