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About Jordan Stroman

In my twenty-four years of life, I have learned a whole lot about challenge and pain and deeply profound love. Born with an undiagnosed degenerative muscle disease, I have experienced the loss of most of the major functions of my body. This daily reality has given me a perspective that I am eternally grateful for and a deeply rooted desire to shatter preconceived notions. I am passionate about helping others to see the beautiful opportunity that is before them and to embrace their dreams with courage and vulnerability. This life is a gift of adventure and I'm grateful to be on the journey. (Follow Jordan on Twitter and Insta @jordeybug).

Your Greatest Advantage Is Your Disadvantage

My literal voice is a quiet one. At this point in time, my diaphragm and lungs don’t have the capacity to amplify my voice at a loud volume. This means that quality conversation only exists with the right ingredients: a quiet surrounding and an intentional listener. It is limiting […]

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How We Got Here

Live Alive is the result of one unforgettable journey, some fierce dreamers and a whole lot of espresso.

Within me, there has always been a dream to explore news lands and to see new skies. Because traveling isn’t convenient when you come with a 400lb electric wheelchair, assistive breathing equipment, […]

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Today Is a Gift

It had been a full and busy day. My dear friend, Eva, and I were driving home after a late night of Back to the Future watching and frozen yogurt indulging. When your mobilization and ability to breathe are determined by batteries, busy days like this one can leave […]

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The Path Toward Dignity

Dignity. What a beautiful concept. That we would feel worthy of being known and understood. That we would walk in the beautiful freedom that is found in being the individuals that we were created to be. That we would believe that our voice is valuable and our stories are […]

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Story of my life

There are a few phrases that come out of my mouth at least ten times a day.  Somehow they never get old, though I think my friends may disagree.  One of those phrases: “story of my life.”

Some examples:

A little kid is staring at me in Target and asks his […]

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My soul was made to frolic in the wildflowers and hike the rocky cliffs. But as things stand today, that isn’t my reality. At least, not literally.

I was born with an undiagnosed degenerative muscle disease, which began to show its crippling face when I was six years old. The […]

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Let’s Live Alive

Living alive is about being fully present in this moment, right now. It’s about saying yes to opportunity that is before you, despite whispering fear and engrained reservation. It’s about being real and honest and vulnerable with those you’re running this race alongside. 
Living alive is waking up and knowing […]

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San Diego: Part Two

Having not flown in over 10 years, God placed a challenge on my little adventurous heart. It was time to break through long-winded fear and to fully embrace this beautiful life I’ve been given.

On February 27th at 8 o’clock east coast time, we landed in San Diego!

Just about anyone […]

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San Diego: Part One

It has already been over two weeks since we returned from our great venture out west. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about that journey, the beautiful city, those wonderful people. This adventure has opened my eyes to see that something I thought I had to […]

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Lessons from a blueberry bagel

It has been about a year since my body has ceased to allow me to enjoy all of the yummy’s that I love. I can no longer eat normal food. It has been a difficult journey (as many worthwhile journeys are).

I don’t like to tell people that I can’t […]

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