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We Are All Dreamers

For as long as I can remember, I had a dream tugging at my heart. I wanted to explore this beautiful world and see different skies. Around the age of six, however, life threw a little curve ball my way. We discovered that I was born with a neuromuscular […]

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Your Dream Is Worth The Risks

Being in school is comfortable. For 17 years of your life you are told what to do and you know exactly what is ahead of you. Go to school, learn, come home, do what you love. It’s a comfortable formula for most, myself included.

Then something happened. I graduated from […]

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You Vote With Your Food

Each one of us can alter the course of our local communities with every decision we make. It’s exhilarating to discover that!

I’ve been on a journey towards becoming more of the person I was created to be and I’ve found that a big part of that journey involves food. […]

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Your Story Matters

I was sitting in a friend’s kitchen and I saw this coffee mug. I wish I could remember the exact wording, but it was along the lines of “What will the world miss if you never tell your story?”

I think we are afraid to tell our stories. Afraid that […]

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Don’t Believe the Lies

I don’t think there is anything I appreciate more than that of depth: in conversation, in relationship, in story. When we are real and raw and honest about the joys and the pains of life, when we dismiss the impulse to pretend like we have it all figured out […]

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Every Moment is an Opportunity

Moments start and end our lives.  They are like little guides changing the course of our history from one second to another.  Moments allow us the opportunity to be intentional, be courageous and be adventurous.  Moments form the transitions between the many seasons in our lives.

A very wise man […]

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4 Tools to Help You Thrive

As I continue to journey through my 25th year, I find myself thankful for the limitless resources I have at my fingertips. One of the beautiful realities of 2014, is the boundless opportunity to grow as a leader.

As leaders, our lives are like a well. Our wells are either […]

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The Gift of Intentionality

A kid in the airport: everyone take out your earphones unless you’re sure there’s a shop in the terminal that sells doses of Advil. Ignore the kid. Make him feel likes the only one that’s excited to go tens of thousands of feet above the ground in a vehicle […]

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Is it Possible to Be Too Passionate?

I was 11 and I was sitting a few rows up, in right field for a Florida Marlins game.  I think they were playing the Mets on that sticky Miami night.

A row in front of me was an older hispanic man wearing a Marlins hat.  I don’t remember what […]

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Learning How To Thrive In the Midst of Suffering

This time last year I was almost fully recovered from a nasty ankle injury. I was just beginning to exercise and play sports again when another injury devastated my plan for an active life.

Late last year, I began to feel a sharp pain in the ball of my right […]

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