We left Orlando and flew across the country because a dream was challenging our hearts. Because traveling isn’t convenient when you come with a 400lb electric wheelchair, assistive breathing equipment, and a plethora of other necessary gadgets, Jordan harbored a fear of the unknown. “Could I actually do this?” The fear was keeping her from jumping in. In the spring of this year, a group of us chose to say no fear, to embrace the unknown and to step into risk for the sake of adventure. Each of us had valid reasons to walk away from this opportunity:
we were dealing with sicknesses, injuries, and financial burdens. It would have been easy to back out of our plans and stay home, but something told us to press in, to climb the mountain because the view from the summit was going to be spectacular. And it was. On February 28th, 2014, we left Orlando and flew across the country to San Diego, CA. This five-day journey of new experiences, unexpected surprises and new friendships has forever changed our lives and refocused our hearts on what is most important.
Our leap of faith to the west coast taught us that life is so full of beautiful opportunity and that fear will do all it can to latch on and pull us down. This journey taught us that incredible things have room to take place when you push through fear and step into the risk of uncomfort. This journey taught us that we were created to dream and to tenaciously seek making those dreams a reality. When we pursue the dreams that are inside of us and live into those things that fill us with life and meaning, the world will begin to change.