Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Today is a heavy, reverberating call to the masses: YOU MATTER.

Today is a day set apart to remind ourselves, and each other, that this life is full of purpose. This life is full of opportunity waiting to be grasped.

We were made for big dreams and grand adventures, early morning breakfasts and long afternoon bike rides. We were made for trusted friendships and conversations over incredible coffee. We were made to take risks, to read books, to fall in love when it doesn’t make sense.

We were made to live and dream and create. It’s messy and it’s wild and it’s definitely not easy, but you’re not alone in it.

Your life is precious and unique. Your story is important and it’s impacting the world around you.

Inside of the pain and amidst the lies that weave their way in, there is hope. There is life. There are people fighting with you, for you – standing with you, believing in more. There is so much more.

If you feel alone, know that you are not. If you feel hopeless, know that your story isn’t over. If you are struggling with depression or have had thoughts about ending your life, please reach out for help. Our friends at TWLOHA are here for you, and we are too.

You are worth fighting for.