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A few surprise guests crowd around the table in our new studio to help us recap our favorite moments from season one of the Live Alive Podcast.

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Recent Episodes

A Summer Worth Living with Dana Roquemore
The new Live Alive studio is being built so we took the show to a popular park in Orlando. Dana Roquemore, founder of The Dinner Party Project makes an appearance. She explains all about an epic road trip she is about to embark on to bring hundreds of people together around dinner tables. Listen 'till the end to catch our run in with some interesting strangers.
11 June 2018
Jamie Ivey on Dreams, Struggles, and the Abundant Life
We were scheduled to hang with author and podcaster Jamie Ivey for 15 minutes. Those 15 minutes turned into a ridiculously outrageous hour-long conversation about dreams, struggles, and the abundant life.
04 June 2018
Tearing Down Walls Over Lunch
Connecting with people who are different than us can be awkward. A few weeks ago on the show Mia challenged us to get lunch with someone who is super different than us.  Mia joins us on the show again as we talk about what happened when we stepped out of our comfort zone to engage people who believe, act, and see the world differently than us.  It was an interesting experiment for sure and it taught us more about how to enter the world of others the way Jesus did.
28 May 2018
Sharing in the Suffering of Others with Dr. Mika Edmondson
Dr. Mika Edmondson is an expert and author on the suffering of Martin Luther King.  We caught up with him in Memphis to talk about how to walk alongside those who are suffering, even when it’s hard for us to understand their pain.
21 May 2018
Liberators in a Jail Cell
Join us as we discuss the wisdom of Dr. John Perkins in greater depth.
14 May 2018
An Honest Conversation With John M Perkins
We were in Memphis to honor MLK, and we had the unbelievable experience to get to spend over an hour with Dr. Perkins. He invited us into his hotel room to talk. When we arrived, he was chillin' out reading the newspaper and looking dapper as usual. It was the day of the release of his final book, One Blood, and he was generous enough to answer some questions we had about experiencing the abundant life. Soak up all you can from JP, as his family affectionately calls him. In a world of selfishness, this kind of wisdom is rare.
07 May 2018