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How does God use us to speak blessings into the lives of other people? Learn how to hear God's voice on behalf of other people as we join Chad on campus at UCF. We draw on Chad's experience of being intentional in conversations to learn how we can bless the people around us during the day. What are the right things to say? What questions should I ask to show that God cares for people? If Evangelism is bringing good news to people and God wants us to use us to speak His message, then let's learn together how to share specific blessings into the lives of others.

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Recent Episodes

The Lost Art of Hearing God's Voice (Chad Johnson Pt 1)
If you've ever struggled to hear from God, or if you aren't sure that God really talks with us, we created this discussion with you in mind. A lot of times Christians can go through seasons where we don't really know how to differentiate from God's voice and the other voices around us. Was that God's voice I just heard, or was it just my imagination?
09 April 2018
Evangelism With Mr Rogers
What does Evangelism mean to you? What does Jesus want us to do? Explore with us a path for having meaningful conversations with people about things that matter to you.
02 April 2018
And the Pigs Went Off the Cliff
In the gap between how we feel and what is true, we have a choice. Will we choose to live out of the truth God provides us, or will we settle for living based on our feelings? On this episode we answer some calls, get real about some circumstance in our life, and Jeremy rips off his mic leads us on an adventure out of the studio.
26 March 2018
An Outrageous Question...
The question we wrestle with today defines our lives whether we spend adequate time processing it or not.  Join us as we seek to turn the responses from church-goers young and old into a clear picture of hope.
19 March 2018
What do you want?
Are you clear on what you really want? Will your desires and goals actually lead you to experiencing the abundant life? Jeremy joins the team as they head to UCF in Orlando to talk with people about what they want.
12 March 2018
Buried Treasure with Bob Goff Pt 2
The adventure continues with Bob Goff as we search for an even better spot to bury our time capsule for 2018 and talk more about chasing down the abundant life that Jesus offers.
02 March 2018