Dive deeper into the adventure

Resources to help you hear from God, respond to what He says, and live it out in community.

Living & Telling - Sharing Jesus as a Way of Life
Everyone has a story to tell, and our stories help us connect with others and share the love of God with them. Learn to make disciples through the art of Listening, Connecting, and Helping.
Equipment 2 - Learn to Recognize God's Voice with Judy Douglass
Our friend Judy Douglass shares about how to recognize God's voice apart from all the competing voices.

Equipment 1 - The Gap Between Our Feelings & the Truth
Following Episode 6 of the Live Alive Podcast, we wanted to share a couple of helpful tips for bridging the gap between our emotions and thoughts and what God says is True.

Learning from Bob Goff
Come along with us as we adventure all over San Diego with Bob Goff.